This year has unfortunately been a difficult year for many industries; however, it’s been a really positive year for the electric car market with a staggering 262% increase in electric cars registered in June 2020 compared to June 2019. In comparison, the petrol market has taken a steep decline with a 40% decrease and a 60% decrease in diesel vehicle registrations. With the positive change we think it’s about time other workplaces made the same positive change.

Given the increase in popularity, it’s hard to believe that 75% of employees in the UK are still unable to charge their electric cars at work. As a result, we’ve put together the top 3 reasons why workplaces should make this positive change and should be charging up their plans for installing electric car stations:

 1 – Going green

With more companies becoming socially responsible, installing electric chargers sends a clear message to current and future employees that you’re a business who cares about the environment. It also demonstrates where the business stands in terms of helping to improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, moving towards a greener future.

2 – There’s a workplace grant

Did you know that through the Workplace Charging Scheme you can apply for a grant to help towards the cost of installing electric vehicle points at your business? This grant can offer you up to £350 per charging socket, meaning you can save money and the environment at the same time!

3 – Time means money

If you have a retail business or somewhere that attracts customers, installing charging points at your location will encourage electric vehicle owners to choose your destination over others. Offering them somewhere to charge their vehicles also means they will spend more time at your location resulting in a possible increase in what they spend on site.

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