This EV charger is a great install that will work to its full capability at any work premises, as well as providing a 5 year warranty. This charger is ideally wall mounted so no earth spike is required. However it gives you the option, the floor stand is available when purchasing. This charger is free for staff and customers to use while visiting. This gives the business the advantage of making their staff and customers happy by providing free electric car charging while spreading the message to turn green. 

The ProjectEV Charger has a total power control of 40kW which allows it to become extremely fast when charging. The ProjectEV App is free to download once purchased, these are the features the app has to offer for workplace charging.

  • Project EV App provides Smart Control
  • Charging list for one or multiple vehicles registered, off-peak timed charging and power flow management.
  • Control your charging schedule to suit your driving lifestyle or off-peak
  • Plan ahead and charge your EV around your off-peak electricity, using the scheduling feature. An example would be to set the charger to charge your EV between the hours of 11 and 3am
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Start/Stop feature.
  • Car energy usage and charge status monitored
  • iOS and Android App approved