Johnson Test Papers Ltd  is joining the electrical revolution by providing their staff and visitors free charging encouraging them to go green. 

Why Johnson Test papers Ltd chose Easee Chargers

  • Choice of colour- White, Anthracite, Red, Blue and Black.
  • Powerful- 22kW
  • Small- It is 69% smaller and lighter than other electric chargers, with similar functionality.
  • Always updated- It is updated with new features continuously. This way, you know you have purchased a safe and future-proof product.
  • Fast charging- you can charge up to 10 times faster than with a regular outlet.
  • Internet access- the charging robot supports a variety of standards such as 2G, 4G and CAT-M1.
  • Load balancing- enables load balancing of up to 101 Charging Robots on a single circuit. It can operate both online and offline.
  • Warranty- a product from Easee comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Easee charger properties are not the only reason why these chargers are popular to install. The Easee chargers provide a varied range of accessories that make EV charging that little bit more exciting to use. Such as the Easee Key and Easee Portal. 

The Easee Key has a RFID chip with access control and pay for the power you use (kWh) 

The Easee Portal provides the full overview of your installation. Here you can manage charging robots, bill electricity consumption, see the status of the plant and more. 

For more information on these chargers and where you can get yours today, click here for more information.