With the purchase of electric cars increasing, we are finding one of the most common questions being asked is… How much does it actually cost for an electric car charge point?

One of the major benefits to having an electric vehicle is the running costs can be exceptionally lower than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Even though there are still costs associated with electric cars such as home charge points and charging the car up, you can wave goodbye to costly filling stations. So, how much does it cost to charge an electric car?

electric car charger installation

What is the cost of installing an electric car charge point?

To take complete advantage of the cost benefits of electric charging, you will need to have a charging point installed at home. Fortunately, there are many grants and schemes available which can reduce costs, or even enable you to get your charge point for free. This includes the government grants of up to £500 from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and certain manufacturers offering free or discounted home charging points if you purchase one of their vehicles. So for example, if you are looking at purchasing a Smart charger, these cost around a £1000 to buy outright, but are reduced to half the price of £500 with the grant.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

The cost to charge an electric car can varies between home, work and public charging.

electric car charging at home

Home Charge

Charging an electric car at home costs around £8.40 for a full charge and is the most cost effective way to keep your car fully charged by charging your vehicle overnight so your vehicle is fully charged for every morning. This is assuming the average domestic electricity rate is around 14p per kWh.

Fully charging a 60kWh electric car will give you approximately 200 miles of range. You can find out more about home charging here

Workplace Charging

The cost of charging your electric vehicle can vary, as some organisations may provide free charging, where as other organisations may set a paid tariff. Some employers offer shared charging stations and opt into time based tariffs, some business allow employees free charging for a set period of time, then charge a fee after that time has timed out, and some employers offer completely free charging as a staff incentive.

If you’re an employer, free workplace charging is a great perk to offer staff as well as guests and visitors and not to mention co side you corporate and social responsibility goals.

The UK government also offers grants through the Workplace Charging Scheme enabling businesses, local authorities and charities to claim up to 75% of installations costs for up to 20 charge points with a maximum of £500 per socket.

Find out more information on Workplace Charging here

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Public Charging

When you are out and about, public charging is very convenient allowing you to keep topped up in many different locations, and some public places offer free charging for visitors and customers. Motorway service stations often offer rapid charging facilities too which can boost your battery level after half an hour by up to 80% although this service is payable. As a rough figure, you can expect to pay approximately £1.30 – £3.90 per hour for 7-22kW charging points. Rapid chargers (50kW+) can cost around £12.50 per hour.

Find out more about commercial charging here

Did you know?

You may be gladly surprised to know that fully electric cars, also known as Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV’s) or Electric Vehicles (EVs) have zero road tax because they emit og of Co2/km. This is because Vehicle Excise Duty is based on CO2 emissions.