Complaint System

Detailed below is a description of our customer complaints process and a bullet point list to illustrate the resolution process.

All Power EV agents are trained in the following areas to handle and resolve customer complaints with confidence. As a company, we don’t rely on scripted answers to resolve complaints we prefer our staff to use their training and personality in order to be more empathetic towards the customer and come to a speedy resolution.

Key areas which we train our call centre team include customer empathy and speed of response. A fast resolution is key and empowering staff members to deal with complaints on the spot is our optimum solution. When this is not possible other departments if needed will be consulted, or
management will be involved to seek resolution.

  • Call received by Agent (Trained advisor follows the process in which they have been trained).
  • An agent listens to the customer and remains neutral.
  • Responds by addressing the complaint or problem with empathy – I’m sorry you have had this problem.
  • Agents get the facts of the problem.
  • Agents find out what the customer wants.
  • Agent offers a solution – Tells the customer what they will do and when emphasising what they can do.
  • The complaint is recorded on the in-house system which is time-stamped – information is also shared on a live spreadsheet with the manager.

The complaint is remedied when able on the spot by the agent.

Complaints that can’t be resolved immediately will be worked on within the following 24 hours.

Customers will be given a regular call or email updates as the problem is being worked on. – This is the time when the agents can consult with other departments to seek further information on the problem.

A solution will be offered.

48 hours after resolution is finalised a follow-up call will be placed to the customer to make sure they are happy with the resolution.