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What is an electric cars range?

Running out of electricity is one of the main fears associated with purchasing an electric vehicle, but what actually is the range of an electric car. Emptying your battery is not the same as running out of fuel, once your electric reserve is drained, it means...

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Do I qualify for the OLEV Grant?

A big question when it comes to the purchase and an install of an electric car charging point, are you eligible for the £350 Government OLEV Grant? Firstly, what is the OLEV Grant? The Government OLEV Grant will contribute up to £350 towards the purchase and...

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What is the cost of an electric car charge points?

With the purchase of electric cars increasing, we are finding one of the most common questions being asked is… How much does it actually cost for an electric car charge point? One of the major benefits to having an electric vehicle is the running costs can be...

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Workplace EV Charging Grant

What is the Workplace EV charging Grant? Are you thinking about promoting a green workforce? Do any of your employees have electric vehicles and you would like to offer charge points as a staff incentive?  You will be pleased to know that workplace ev charging schemes...

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